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Beverage Sales

The Bennett Family and Staff … take great pride in our history and most importantly, our track record of professional and responsible alcoholic beverage service and sales. In the event industry, alcoholic beverage sales are obviously most important, crucial not only to our reputation and safety record from a retail point, but also to many of us in the industry from a partnership/sponsorship point of view. Bennett Concessions assures you we fully realize the importance and responsibility of this these services.

The Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser WP-100 is a countertop model that delivers the ultimate in water flossing performance. It features 10 pressure settings, a contemporary design, a covered reservoir with in-lid tip storage, and 6 unique tips.


Having been in business for 22 years and having provided alcoholic beverage services to events of various sizes, formats and themes in multiple locations and venues, we value these services and offer you our wealth of experience and expertise. We have offered these services to small private parties as well as large groups of 10,000 and more. We also service both temporary events and permanent venues.


Our services not only include actual alcoholic beverage sales, but management of such. We have experience in staff training, staff pouring and staff serving. Our experience includes selling partnership/sponsorships for alcoholic beverages and we have been successful in renewing these partnerships by providing quality service to such partners.

If an experienced and responsible alcohol management company is what you need – we are thrilled to offer you our services and assure you that we will maximize your alcohol profits.